NEW White Lion Puppet Appeal

Will you help to build the pride?


Dear LionHearts, hello it’s Julie here, I’ve recently taken up the reins from the wonderful Tracey, heading up the UK office of the trust.  I have to say that I am having a wonderful time and loving working with all of the team in the UK, USA and South Africa.

I am very excited to share with you today the launch of a brand new White Lion Trust campaign, based here in the UK but you don’t have to live in the UK to take part. I’d LOVE for you to get involved and I’d love to hear your comments below too – it is ALWAYS good to hear from you.

So, the new campaign, as the title and image suggests, is all about creating and sharing beautiful hand made White Lion finger puppets with the children of the Star Lion schools in South Africa, that Linda and all the team have been working with these past years.  It serves a second and vital purpose too – raising regular monthly funding for the trust to continue its vital work. It would be wonderful if you would get involved in one of both sides of this new campaign for the love of the Lions!

NOW, there are two parts to this campaign and I will share them with you, firstly at a high level and then secondly in more depth;

The idea is to knit as many White Lions as we can (part 1) and then (part 2) to ask all our wonderful supporters to sponsor a White Lion puppet sending it over to one of the Star Lion Schools, by agreeing to a small regular monthly donation of £3 or more if you wish.  OR, alternatively, a one off donation of £35.  So we not only send love and fun to the Star Lion School children but we are also building a regular monthly income stream that is HUGELY important for the ongoing effectiveness of the trust’s work.

A mothers Love - Karen-Jane Dudley -2103 - CopyNow, to give you a little more detailed information.  If you would like to knit some White Lion Puppets please read Part 1 – plus also think about who else you know that might like to get involved and please engage them too! Especially any people that don’t like using the internet – you can be our bridge to them.

Part 1)  We need to recruit White Lion Knitters!  We want to start off initially with a campaign to knit 150 Lions.  I am heading out to White Lion Territories on the 1st June 2017 and will take all that the Lions we have created (and that have been sponsored) with me in my luggage.  We will take them to the schools and distribute them to the children.  The puppets are obviously very cute but will also assist the schools, helping engage the children in the story of the White Lions and their natural heritage, allowing them to play with the puppets to create puppet shows and the likes, encouraging creativity.

1-Kids-Stage-LMSo if you are a novice knitter or above (I can do it, so anyone with the knitting basics can!) – please do volunteer to knit one or as many as you would like to!  The more the better.  I asked Linda how many children there are in total at the Star Lion schools and there are nearly 5000!! So you can’t knit too many but equally if you would like to knit just one or two that would be very gratefully received as well!

To download the pattern simply click  HERE  and within it – you will receive all you need to knit the puppets and details of where to post them, once you have completed them.  You can share the pattern with your friends and family that also want to knit.  Feel free to knit both Lions and Lionesses – we would like both!

Part 2) We are looking for LionHearts that are willing to commit to a small monthly donation of £3 or a one off donation of £35.  This will help us to build a regular, sustainable income for the trust’s work – which is so vitally important.  SO, if you would like to sponsor one of our finger puppets, or perhaps gift the sponsorship to a friend or family member, then please follow the simple 3 step process outlined below (you will need a PayPal account, if you don’t have one skip down to beneath step 3, to set up a bank standing order instead):


Step 2.  Compete the form by adding either £3 (or more if you would like to) PLUS ticking (checking) the recurring payment box OR if you prefer add £35, as a one off sponsorship, but don’t tick the recurring payment box.  You will then be asked to click the link that takes you to PayPal.

Step 3.  Login to PayPal and review your donation.  If you are making a regular monthly donation you need to tick the recurring payment box AGAIN at this point.  Check that your payment method is correct and then simply click Donate Now!  You are all set up!  SIMPLE!

If you don’t have a PayPal account you can set up a regular donation via your bank account.  To do this please e-mail me at and I will send you the relevant details, with pleasure.

So, there we have it!  I hope to have trouble closing my suitcase in June, as it will be filled to bursting with our beautiful Lion creations!  I am currently knitting White Lion number 6 right now and will continue until I leave on the 10th June!  My Mum has already knitted 12 and is going strong, thanks Mum!

Please sponsor a finger puppet if you can, it really will make a HUGE difference to the efforts of everyone at the trust, helping to protect Lions, Land and People, through the dedicated leadership of Linda and Jason.

Thank you and happy knitting and sponsoring!  Let’s see if we can take this around the world and get some incredible Lions created and shared, all for the love of the White Lions!

Love and blessings,

Julie Lines XXX



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