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Leadership Cards


Product Description

The White Lion Leadership Cards are designed to help each and every individual find their own leadership potential, and turn their highest and fullest potential into action.
This beautiful set of 65 laminated cards comes boxed with a booklet offering the guidance that each card brings.
There are 65 different, radiant and inspiring photos of the White Lions on the cards- each one bringing its own message and each one a transmission directly from the angelic Lions Of Light themselves.

Their glowing images may be used to gather strength and hope in trying times, or they may be meditated upon to increase your own lionhearted qualities deep within, including our powers of courage, love, truth and endurance.

On the reverse of each card is a Lion’s paw print in the earth. Each card is 9 cm x 12.5 cm

Many of us consult with divination/oracle decks in order to seek answers to real-life questions: romance, mid-life crisis, career choices, money-issues, health, challenges at work, children and partner problems and every-day decision making. Through these cards we are able to find spiritual guidance and comfort in taking our next steps in these areas of life.
However, this set of cards may also be used by those on a dedicated spiritual path (sometimes known as “Lion Shamans” or “Light Warrior Shamans”) who wish to work actively with principles of Light and White Lion Consciousness in order to make a meaningful difference to our world.

There are 6 suits providing guidance on all aspects of life:
Pride Life: everyday family issues
Qualities: personal attributes
Values: value system to enhance decision-making
Action: preferred action steps
Existential : questions of meaning and purpose
Lion Gods : Blessings from higher beings at this time

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  1. 5 out of 5


    When I recieved my White Lion Cards I was full of excitment and anticipation. Thank you so much for a wonderful deck of White Lion cards, they feel so special and have such a wonderful loving, strong and courageous sense about them. The first reading was wonderful with guidance and confirmation message for what I needed. With Love and Gratitude. Sue

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