Roar For Lions Lion Wear is BACK!


Greetings to you from the UK office of the White Lion Trust!  We are very excited to share with you that, after many requests, we have just launched our latest campaign offering our stunning White Lion Wear again!  We hope you will LOVE them and please do share this link with your friends and family too.  The more items, the more we will support the work of the trust – the amount donated per item increases the more items we sell, you see. All items are of beautiful quality and ethically sourced from top brands such as Gildan.  They wear and wear and look great!  It’s a wonderful way to show how much you care for the Lions and to help to spread the vital message of Lion Protection to others too.

We partner with the fab team at Everpress who carefully manage, print and post all of your orders.  The way the campaign works is that we run it for 3 weeks and everyone places their PRE ORDERS during this time via the Everpress website link below:


Then, at the END of the 3 weeks Everpress print, package and post your orders to you, wherever you are in the world!  Simple!

We have timed it carefully,  so that there is enough time for you to make Christmas gift orders too.

So please do take a look at our latest full selection at the link above – there are a few lovely twists to the first campaign – some different colour options PLUS we have added our website URL to the front this time to help connect more interested people to our work.

Thank you SO much for your continuing dedicated support for our work – we couldn’t do it without you!  Sending much love from Julie and all the team at the Global White Lion Protection Trust. X

P.S. PLEASE, as always, check each item size carefully (click on the size guide on the specific item you want to order) BEFORE choosing the correct ones – they are printed to order only and once the campaign ends it is not possible to change your order.




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