2017 Our Review of Gratitude To You

Wow, 2017 is coming to a close....where did that year go?  It has been a whirlwind in so many ways and yet so much good has come from the work we have been doing, in spite of all the turmoil occurring around the world. So many of us have and are having very challenging and heart breaking times for many and varied reasons - I am sending love and healing to you all. I wanted to share a short post to say a HUGE thank you to all of you that have helped support the work that we do for the Lions, … [Read more...]

Roar For Lions Lion Wear is BACK!

  Greetings to you from the UK office of the White Lion Trust!  We are very excited to share with you that, after many requests, we have just launched our latest campaign offering our stunning White Lion Wear again!  We hope you will LOVE them and please do share this link with your friends and family too.  The more items, the more we will support the work of the trust - the amount donated per item increases the more items we sell, you see. All items are of beautiful quality and ethically … [Read more...]

Special Edition Lion T-Shirts and Hoodies Until November 5th!

Hello there LionHearts,  I am writing this post specifically to update you on our brand new campaign to help raise funding and awareness for the plight of the White Lions.  In light of the terrible outcomes of the recent CITES conference,  I am hoping you will want to get involved and help to spread the word about them, as well as put your own order in too to enjoy wearing with pride! Until 5th November you can order your own limited edition apparel, knowing you are helping the Trust not just … [Read more...]

Come and Visit Us – Om Yoga Show London 21-23 October 2016

Hello there, well it's been a VERY busy summer and I wanted to write an update for you to hear a bit more about what has been happening on the UK side of GWLPT! Firstly, I wanted to share that the White Lion Trust will have a stand at the Om Yoga London Show between October 21-23rd.  We are there to share news of our work and to connect with new and old alike to talk about the White Lions, Linda Tucker and to share the incredible art and gifts of our shop - all in time for Christmas gifts!  So … [Read more...]

NEW White Lion Puppet Appeal

Will you help to build the pride? Dear LionHearts, hello it's Julie here, I've recently taken up the reins from the wonderful Tracey, heading up the UK office of the trust.  I have to say that I am having a wonderful time and loving working with all of the team in the UK, USA and South Africa. I am very excited to share with you today the launch of a brand new White Lion Trust campaign, based here in the UK but you don't have to live in the UK to take part. I'd LOVE for you to get involved … [Read more...]

Here’s the 111 mile route…

  Below are the 15 runs Ann has entered! Choose which one(s) you'd like to join the Pride then register online via http://www.greatrun.org/ Our Patron and Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn has signed up for the Birmingham 10k on 3rd May     If you can't make any of these but would still like to be part of our co-creation then PLEASE consider entering a run (or walk, swim, cycle etc) in your home area or country and invite a group of friends and colleagues … [Read more...]

Run 111miles for the White Lions …………………. Your Chance to Run with and for the Pride

  Of course you don't really have to run all 111 miles, although one superstar supporter is !!!!! ... so, will you embrace your Lion Courage and challenge yourself to do something you might think you can't by joining us on a fun run for the lions.                     You can do as little as 1 mile or as much as a marathon the choice is yours. Do your personal best time or join me and saunter along with a smile and a donations bucket, it's up to you - the more diversity … [Read more...]

Global lions protest march hailed a success – March 2014

HUNDREDS JOIN MARCH IN LONDON ON INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PROTEST AGAINST ‘CANNED HUNTING’ OF LIONS The Global White Lion Protection Trust joined nearly 800 animal lovers who rallied in Trafalgar Square on Saturday March 15th on a worldwide day of protest against the “canned hunting” of Africa’s lions. In more than 60 cities around the planet, thousands marched to demand a ban on the abuse of breeding captive animals to be shot in a confined area. They are often drugged and conditioned from an … [Read more...]