The Global White Lion Protection Trust

Our UK Office

Since its early conception the Global White Lion Protection Trust (WLT) has had a strong association with the UK. When Linda Tucker had her life changing experience with the lions in South Africa in 1991 her home and career were both in the UK. Additionally, one of our very first sponsors, who enabled us to rescue the first pride of white lions was also from the UK.

We are proud to have now created a permanent base in the UK. We have a small office and a wonderful team of volunteers who are helping to raise much needed funding to support the work of the trust and to raise awareness about the plight of the White Lions and indeed all lions.

Please contact the UK team if you would like any further information on the Trust, and how you can get involved.

14886268_10154637699122801_691480951_n                                                                          Ann Fowler (shop) and Julie Lines (Headed up UK Office until October 2018.)

Protecting a global treasure:

The Global White Lion Protection Trust (WLT) was founded by author and conservationist, Linda Tucker. It is a South African based non-profit conservation and community development organisation. Operating in the greater Timbavati bush region, the WLT is responsible for protecting lions, especially White Lions and developing the related cultural values that hold them sacred. In 2002, when the WLT was first established, there were no known White Lion individuals remaining in the wild in the Greater Timbavati and this had been the status for the past decade.

Linda Tucker with members of the team at the Global White Lion Protection Trust

Linda Tucker with members of the team at the Global White Lion Protection Trust

With a critical need to supplement the White Lion gene in the wild, the WLT launched its world-first White Lion Reintroduction Programme. Today the Reintroduction Programme is considered a great success as the founding pride hunts self-sufficiently and is reproducing without human intervention. The Reintroduction Program is not a breeding project and the lions are not held in captivity.

Our Philosophy

Preserving an Icon of National Pride,
Hope and Unity:

The critically endangered White Lion has been naturally birthed in one place only on earth – the Timbavati region of South Africa.

Its conservation value is paralleled only by its cultural value to indigenous communities of the region as a national symbol of unity, peace and hope. Many countries honour and protect ‘sacred animals’ by law: the ‘Spirit Bear’ of Canada, the ‘Brahman Cattle’ of India and the ‘White Elephant’ of Burma. Whilst the White Lion of South Africa is not yet protected by law, concerted conservation efforts are underway to protect this rare national treasure on behalf of all South Africans – and indeed the world.

About the website:

The website was created and donated by Tracey Rissik of The Simple Web Company, her business which supports many small businesses in the UK and abroad with websites and related services.
Tracey is a South African living in London, and is passionate about African wildlife, and the White Lions. She had the good fortune to spend time with some of the White Lions while visiting family back in South Africa in early 2014.