Run 111miles for the White Lions …………………. Your Chance to Run with and for the Pride


Of course you don’t really have to run all 111 miles,

although one superstar supporter is !!!!! … so, will you

embrace your Lion Courage and challenge yourself to do

something you might think you can’t by joining us on a fun run for the lions.                 big-cat-vector-clipart-of-a-running-brown-king-lion-character-wearing-a-crown-by-cory-thoman-219-150x150  big-cat-vector-clipart-of-a-running-brown-king-lion-character-wearing-a-crown-by-cory-thoman-219-150x150  big-cat-vector-clipart-of-a-running-brown-king-lion-character-wearing-a-crown-by-cory-thoman-219-150x150

A mothers Love - Karen-Jane Dudley -2103 - Copy

You can do as little as 1 mile or as much as a marathon the choice is yours. Do your personal best time or join me and saunter along with a smile and a donations bucket, it’s up to you – the more diversity we have in each Pride the better :o)

Why not create an achievement that will be with you for the rest of your life and benefit the world’s lion population in the process. 

This year one of our main awareness-raising and fundraising events is a series of runs in the UK and Ireland from April to October and we’re looking for people to join in and create a PRIDE of runners at each event.



The idea was initiated by one of our fabulous UK supporters, Ann  Fowler, pictured here with Game of Thrones actor and White Lion Trust patron Jerome Flynn.

Jerome & Ann Tshirts









Jerome and Ann are wearing the White Lion T-shirts that we’ve created for the runs and each person who joins the 111 Miles for White Lions will receive one of these wonderful Tshirts FREE. Our thanks to artist Sue Parker for her design.

Ann’s a mum to Jessica and Poppy and 3 years ago did no running whatsoever and described herself as a couch potato ! The sad loss of her mum to cancer changed all that and she decided she wanted to give something back to the hospice who had helped her mum so she did a sponsored run for them.
Now she’s doing 15 sponsored runs for the White Lions, totalling 111 miles and our goal is to get a pride of runners to join her for each event. So whether you’re lean and fit or overweight and under-exercised like me why not get involved and co-create these events with us. Ann is going to share with us how she made the change.

Your involvement will be invaluable in helping us raise awareness about the plight of White Lions and Golden lions as well as raising much needed funds for our work in protecting these magnificent and sacred creatures.

Are you tempted?  stock-illustration-22838454-man-and-woman-thinking

It’s 3 easy steps away:

1. Choose which run you want to join.

2. Regsiter for the run

3. Create your sponsorship page on Just Giving and join our team. Then share it with friends and colleagues and inspire them to become part of the Pride too.


If you don’t see a run that suits you or you’re in another country then why not gather your own Pride and create your own run and still be part of this energy.

BECOME The Pride !!

Lions on a Mission!



  1. Hello

    Would it be possible to sign up to this and do a hill walking event at all please?

    I have a 16 miles hill walk in May.

    Kind Regards


    • Tracey van den Brand says:

      Hi Phil YES ABSOLUTELY – very happy to include your Hill walk as part of the campaign. Just create your Just Giving page and link it to the team 111 miles page on JG. For all supporters who raise £100 of sponsorship funds we will send you a FREE White Lion Tshirt so if that’s you then just email us your delivery address at Great to have you on board Phil THANK YOU on behalf of the lions

  2. Angela Gatfield says:

    Would love to join you for Birmingham 🙂

    • Tracey van den Brand says:

      That’s great Angela – have you managed to sign up for the run and create your page on Just Giving? When you’ve done that let us know nd we’ll get your Free Tshirt to you – just send us your delivery address to and we’ll get it in the post to you – Thanks for joining the PRIDE and taking part !

      • Angie Gatfield says:

        All signed up, even though I may not manage to make it now as cover for work is looking doubtful…

        Still, fingers crossed! Desperate to get up there and run with you guys 🙂

  3. beth simmonds says:

    Wow- well done you guys. I’m not able to run through illness but will support the cause by getting friends and colleagues to take part- a great idea wel done !!

    • beth simmonds says:

      Thanks Beth that would be wonderful- we’re delighted to have our Celebrity patron Game of Thrones star Jerome Fynn on board…Jerome has signed up for one of the runs and we hope many others will follow his lead. Thanks for your support Beth <3

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