Homeward Bound - Mandy Nellestein
Homeward Bound - Mandy Nellestein

Homeward Bound


Fine Art Print

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The Artist Mandy Nellestein paints fine detail in oil onto her canvases, taking meticulous care of presenting a beautiful piece of work, this is why Fine Art printing is so important, respecting the work and love which has gone into it.

The Archival Print

The Archival Print is individually printed on 300 gsm fibre matt paper, Printed using Epson K3 Inks in the United Kingdom by Denizen Prints Ltd. Constant colour balancing and professional profiles in order to produce the best colour and quality print that the image deserves.

The print does have an extended life due to the archival qualities due to the nature of the paper and ink. Please note that the print like all artwork should not be hanging permanently in direct sunlight.



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